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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 13, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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and southern california. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. strong wind and rain is coming our way. >> yes. >> i was telling everybody, there is a lot of water on the freeway. >> we're just getting started. >> there is an inch and date quarter in santa rosa. some communities are not bad but the wind is picking up as well as moisture making its move. there are warnings and watches but you can see the heavy cells are pushing on shore with the 40s and 50s were the times. the wind kicks in with a couple of surges today with a secondary impulse moved through
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thursday and another on friday. is gusting from 35 to 40 miles per hour. this will keep rain most of the day moderate to heavy. areas to the north of the golden gate will take the brunt of this now.>> this man will get you through the trials with a tough morning commute. >> i want to tell you, there is water coming down. >> on oakland burke lakeside? >> there is a big crash and the other side has water going down the hill. there is a crash westbound on 24, right before the tunnel starting with one car turning into three and is blocking westbound backing up.
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i want to talk about these commutes. the commute on the ultima pass looks good. that is not an issue driving over to lynn more. there is a crash on the bay bridge westbound before the tower. three lanes are blocked. you can see but it is right there. the traffic is backing up. so far, it is light but this is what you will deal with with the commute. for decker to. marin county and the north is feeling heavy rain. look at this. the crews were cleaning up this mud and rock slide in the debris was blocking traffic for a while but >> this was the samewhere a
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tree fell over after midnight on clement valley road. firefighters and pg&e were on the scene to cut the electricity to clear the power lines. the road reopened after 90 minutes. people in the south but bay that were flooded are getting ready for a system forecasted to continue to hit the bay area. rock springs, memories of the floods are hard to forget. coyote q. week is rising because water from anderson was released before the storm began to move in. >> it takes me back. i worry. i think san jose has done a good job trying to not let this happen again. >>ff fear that the anderson reservoir will overflow. >>
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continuing coverage. steve, he is back with the full weather forecast any chance for more rain. president trump says he is reviewing a tentative budget agreement. the compromise would fund the government through the end of september and offer some money for border security but does not give the president what he has been demanding. the reports that the president is under pressure to approve the deal.>> reporter: the president is looking to make the most of the dealover all as it provides almost $1.4 billion for the bearings short of the rio grande valley and i.c.e.
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detention and flexibility to increase if needed. lawmakers want president trump to sign the agreement quickly. >> let's be grown-ups in both parties. let's get it past. >> this is a down payment on where the president wants to go.>> reporter: to avoid another shutdown friday the president needs to sign this bill or a continuing resolution . >> i do not think you will see a shutdown. >> reporter: there are questions whether he can shift money around to further find the wall because he did not get exactly what he wanted in the steel. >> he does not have the authority to do it without house permissionhe can legally use. california governor newsom state address.
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he talked about border security issues. christina says the governor touched on national and local topics that he considers priorities. >> please stand for governor gavin newsom. thank you. >> reporter: in this address, heat wasted no time getting his priorities starting first with president trump and border security. >> this is nothing more than a manufactured crisis and california will not be part of this political theater. >> reporter: he moved to high- speed rail and announced he is scaling back the project. the current plan would take too long and cost too much. >> i know some critics will say is wrong. i think that is offensive. >> reporter: newsom is downsizing the project from 2
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to 1 and clean drinking water is a priority. they are addressing the homeless crisis. >> we have california for all and we have to build housing for all. >> we have so much work to do. he articulated how we have to make sure we bring all california's home. >> reporter: they protect renters? and increase supplies? exactly what we need. >> the focus includes education energy and caring for that aging ablation. >> reporter: maria shriver will dedicate to research alzheimer's prevention. >> the aging population, it would've been instrumental on spearheading in san francisco. it is nice to see. >> reporter: republicans are willing to come to the table on the issues and excited about wa
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responsible. i am pleasantly surprised with the things he has brought forth. >> reporter: there are hard decisions ahead. you will not pretend all the answers but he said we must face these issues honestly. ktvu , fox 2 news. >> the governor surprised people. he is stepping back later in the day he posted on twitter quote, we will continue our regional projects north and south to connect the central valley to other parts of the state. he said quote, this is so much more than a train project but a transformation project anchored by high-speed rail. we can align the workforce and transportation to revitalize communities across our state. the california public commission is discussing pg&e's
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wildfire litigation plans. pg&e wants to turn power to customers during extreme weather danger and only deactivate lines as a last resort. the plan expands the power lines eligible for blackouts. the meeting begins at 9 a.m. the time is 4:09. we will take you inside the bay area elementary school that has no central heat. repairs will not happen immediately and what is being done in the meantime. struck the school board in marin county faces a choice to replace a long-standing name. we will take you to that meeting. good morning. your drive will not be great this morning or throughout the day because of rain and wind. rain is in the coastal
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hills and marin county and we will look at throsa area. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back to 23. to be accused of a fatal stabbing of wilson at the macarthur eight station will be
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in court. he is accused of killing wilson and injuring her sister. the lawyer says he is more and more delusional and paranoid and cannot help in his defense. prosecutors argue his behavior could have ed to judge ordered a mental evaluation. the doctor will release a report in court this point. two men are held on suspension of making false threats of shootings and bombings in the bay area and around the country. they are members of a worldwide group of hackers. they sent threats in email. the fbi arrested a man in north carolina. the other suspect is a british man who is serving a prison sentence in the uk forthright targeting the airplane. the threats came back and targeted 20 locations in san francisco, including
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apartments, hotels, technology firms, community organizations and media outlets. check the debate continues. there is been a push to change the name of the dixie school district by those who say it summoned racism. they say it honors a local tradition. deborah attended the meeting last night. >>[ music ] [ music ] we shall live in peace is an >> reporter: the emotional start, moved to a gymnasium because discussions of the dixie nation are crowded and confrontational. >> if you want to change this word, what about these other words? >> reporter: one man's poster. >> that dixie cups, have they raised the issue about dixie cups. there are 8000 black women with the name dixie.>> reporter: it has been eight tumultuous issue
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come a name dating back to 1864 and the first school house built during racism and slavery of civil war. >> those were not tolerable then. and african-american woman, it is not tolerable now. >> reporter: supporters argue the district by any name is welcoming and inclusive and should not be ashamed. >> i think about the summers and neighbors setting out on the lawn and kids running around and catching fireflies. >> reporter: there is the possible remains. this brings the issue to a head. one nominee, mary dixie, the name of a woman picked >> we have burial grounds out here. my ancestors are buried here. >> reporter: the discussion disrespects her ancestors. >> we offended you because our last name is dixie.
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it was dixie before there was a civil war pick >> i am here as a member of the human family. >> reporter: the naacp says the issue is bigger than one district. >> my teacher and friend said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> reporter: the public spoke and in the end, even though the majority of the board is ready to be done with dixie, they nixed the replacement names because they want the process to be more open. dixie, it is, for now. ktvu, fox 2 . it is 4:16. the storm will make school conditions tougher for students and staff at the oakland elementary school that has not had heat for a week the crews will keep working with repairs of brookfield elementary as they try to fix a natural gas
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pipe. gas was turned off thursday when a pipe was spam that meant no heat in the school and the school kitchen cannot function >> there is nervousness around it. we wanted to make sure the kids are safe but i would rather the gas be off than on and there be a problem. >> the crews tall ktvu, it may be another week before the gas line is fixed. and wells fargo is helping the kids in school providing hot lunches or the end of this week. it is 4:17. sal and steve are busy. in marin county rained all night into this more. there is a lot of water on the roads.>> it is windy out there. i was looking at a video of this crash on the bay bridge. the crash is still there with
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no injuries. i want to go there. the video shows this. this is further away. you can see slow traffic leading up to the crash that is blocking games. they are clearing it now. it is not a serious injury crash but it is slowing traffic there. we are looking at the toll plaza. it is not slow. it is early so we don't have a big backup. we see heavy wind and rain at the toll plaza. the guilt right super commute looks all right. the commute is driving into san jose with no major issues. highway 17 is an adventure today between santa cruz and san jose. give yourself plenty of extra time. this is 280. it is windy and rainy. that is what we are dealing with. steve, it is an all day thing.
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>> the pavement is drive. this morning, i am like this. seriously. >> slow and steady. >> there is a lot of standing water. the system has arrived. we had it kick in with 2 to 8 inches of rain in the hills. we are close to the golden gate with the heaviest rain. a winter storm warning is out. the snow level is going up the entire bay area, everybody is involved in the possibility of rapid rising of streams and rivers. hi wind warnings are out until 10:00 tomorrow morning. that will continue. it is already gusting up to 35 in san carlos. it is 26 at hayward. this year at is tricky. cold air was trapped but it is a mix with rain and snow. the
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snow level will go up in a winter storm warning friday. you could see there is plenty of snow but it looks like it is about to turn as there is warm infection maybe and, setting the snow level up. the plume of moisture continues with a dynamic associated with it. that will increase the rainfall rates. 40s and 50s, that eric was trapped. we are getting that south southeast wind. we are looking for a rainy day and a secondary impulse is through on thursday with a quarter one on friday. get ready. there is a lot of rain in the forecast. 60s for the temps with a tremendous spread as much as 8 to10 degrees for the forecasted high. the peninsula in the mid 60s. went continues thursday. often on rain over the weekend
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with lowering snow levels. >> that is good. we need the snow and rain but carol. keep up-to-date. the updated weather app is a free download with hourly updates and you can be completely prepared. it has the easy feature to upload photos and video to share throughout the morning. thank you for sending those to us. it is a great alert system with flooding with dangerous areas and trees we might not know about. but people say how much they like it. chp goes after car pool lane cheats as we ride along. excuses we heard as the officers crack down. you will meet one father who worked to be a marathon record well pushing five toddlers along the race course.
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welcome back. that chp will hold enforcement night throughout the year as part as a funding program.>> we rode along with police patrols, targeting people driving illegally in carpool lanes. >> herman is doing the shift with one mission, looking for cheaters who are using the carpool lane illegally. >> a violation, a jetta.
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>> reporter: we rode along and he stopped four drivers for violating the rules. one driver said he had been told by a different officer that two people was okay, despite signs saying they are three or more occupants. driving down the i-80 quarter, the officer saw another vehicle. >> move to the right. >> reporter: she said she was late to work and another said there was a health issue. she was not well.>> i have it very bad. it is here. >> reporter: the hov is to help improve traffic flow for everyone by encouraging everyone to carpool. low emission vehicles allows them to use the link. study by the metropolitan transportation commission found that 24% of vehicles were using the lanes illegally. the
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officer says they go to great lengths. >> we have seen backpacks stacked on top of each other, covered with a coat. >> reporter: some drivers have tried bending the definition of what the occupant is. >> we have seen people make the excuse that the pet health as an argument. some talk about goes in the car. yes, we have heard many and seen anything up there. >> reporter: if you get the hov ticket , it can cost more than $490, not including the fees. it increases if you are a repeat offender. chp continues patrols through the year. reporting from oakland, ktvu, fox 2 . 4:26, cars were broken into block after block. we hear from people who had
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been burglarized in two bay area cities. will there be a deal to prevent a partial government shutdown provide money for a border wall? it comes down to the threat. good morning. it is eight wet and windy commute. you will need extra time. drive carefully and watch out for those who are not. we have the complete update, especially what is going on on the bridge. the system arrived. it took longer than we thought. there is widespread rainfall. there is more rain for everybody on the way.
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good morning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, february 13, 2019. . >> thank you for waking up with us on this busy morning. we are all over the weather and traffic. the storm moved in as you called it last night. >> there is a lot. it will continue to be a rainy day. there might be a let up later. we go back to cold friday into the weekend. it is raining at tahoe and truckee. the pages set for rising snow levels. the wind is advisory and flood washes are out. the area will continue to monitor rapid rising on the rivers and the creek >> the best opportunity, you get down towards points to the south with a high wind warning that is out until tomorrow morning. 32 at sfo


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